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The Caves of Lascaux

Is there a valid connection between Astrology and pre-historic cave paintings? I never thought there was until I was living in Southwest France and came across an article about the famous cave of Lascaux. The title, Lascaux Prehistoric Planetarium? suggested that the prehistoric cave paintings were actually animal representations of the zodiac. How could any astrologer resist such a title? There was just one slight problem; since the article was in a French publication, it was, naturally, in French. My Sagittarian Moon dared me to tackle the translation and at the same time, to visit Lascaux and see the cave for myself. Armed (Mercury in Aries) with Webster's Pocket French Dictionary, I was confident that my Taurus Sun would keep me on task. Part I is a loose but sincere translation of the article. Part II is about my visit to the cave.

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