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Who Will Be Our Next President?

by Pam Ciampi


TRI-WHEEL # 1 depicts Election Day, November 4, 2008 at 11:59 PM at Washington DC. Obama and McCain's NATAL charts are the second and third wheels.


TRI-WHEEL #2 combines the Election Day chart with Obama and McCain's PROGRESSED charts using the election date.

ARE PARTILES THE KEY? There are an unusual amount of PARTILES (planets within 1 degree of arc) present between Obama and McCain's NATAL charts as well as their PROGRESSED charts. This type of partile presence can be an indication that on a universal level the candidates are deeply connected to each other on a soul level and to a karmic situation that they have previously experienced together many times before.

Beginning at the ASC of TRI-WHEEL # 1, we find the tSouth Node (past karma) at 13' Leo. The tSouth Node is partile to Obama's natal Sun at 12'Leo as well as McC's nMars. This South Node/Sun/Mars conjunction is an astrological signature of battles fought in the past and in the present.

McCain's natal Sun at Virgo 6' is also partile Obama's natal Pluto. Although millions of souls incarnated with this degree in 1961, Obama is the only one of his generation who has chosen to be McCain's opponent! Also note worthy are Obama's Mars partile McCain's Venus at 22' Virgo and Obama's Venus partile McCain's South Node (past karma theme) at 1'Cancer. See Table A.

Partiles continue to be the dominant theme in the candidates charts in TRI-WHEEL #2. McCain's pMars, pMC and pMoon are partile Obama's pSun at 28'Virgo. (NB. all planets square tPluto in Sag indicating that no matter who wins the next Presidency will be a tough slog)

Finding a partile between pMars/Sun is no surprise since they were also present in their natal synastry but the pMC/Moon make the stellium another forceful statement of karmic connections between Obama and McCain. This holds true even though on the surface they appear to be polar opposites: young/old, black/white, new school/old school. And may also explain why they both have opted for the same slogan, Change.



Sun Mars*
6' Virgo Pluto Sun
22' Virgo Mars Venus
1' Cancer Venus South Node
27' Virgo pMars, pMC
28' Virgo pSun
29' Virgo pMoon
27' Capricorn pJupiter nMoon
  • Candidates Sun/Mars at 12'Leo are partile South Node on 11/04/08
  • The abundance of late degrees in both progressed charts suggest that this election will bring their karmic struggle to a conclusion

The partiles have indicated the extraordinary connection between these two candidates, but which one is going to be the victor on November 4?

During the primaries because of the Mars retrograde in Cancer it became clear to me that Hillary would ultimately lose the nomination. But the presence of so many partile aspects makes the actual election a much more difficult call.

The aspects that favor Obama are:

  1. Obama's nGemini Moon trines his nJupiter. Election Day finds his nJupiter conjunct the transiting Moon. A well aspected nMoon/Jupiter is a signature of the ability to gain the popular support of the people
  2. By progression Obama's pJupiter is in partile trine to his pSun - also a winning aspect
  3. Obama's pMoon in Aquarius is within orb of the tNorth Node (the future)
  4. Obama's pSaturn in its rulership of Capricorn conjuncts (and trumps) McCain's nMoon at 27' Capricorn in its detriment

The aspects that favor McCain are:

  1. McC's benefics, pVenus and pJupiter, along with his pASC and pNorth Node (future) are conjunct the tVenus/Pluto which could indicate a win
  2. McC's pSun is also approaching conjunction with tMars which is favorable for victory

Based on these observations it is my considered judgment that the election will be won by a small margin and that the winner will be Barack Obama.

Your comments are welcome.

In peace,

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